Chunky Gold 1980s Vintage Bracelet

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Chunky Gold 1980s Vintage Bracelet

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A brilliant bold, Mr. T style chunky gold 1980s vintage bracelet

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Chunky Gold 1980s Vintage Bracelet

“Mr.T”-style chunky gold 1980s vintage bracelet. This gorgeous robust chain bracelet is made from gold-coloured metal. The outer side features a deliberately imperfect shiny surface, where as the other side is rough and patterned. The bracelet fastens with a fold over clasp and is a nice example of eighties statement costume jewellery.

This gold 1980s vintage bracelet is in good condition though features some slight rubbing and tarnishing as expected with age.

Actual measurements:

Length (end to end) –   8 inches / 23cm

Width (widest part) – 1.4cm

The A-Team Mr.T in his 1980s jewellery

Above: “Mr.T”, best known for his roles as B. A. Baracus in the 1980s television series The A-Team

Why we love vintage costume jewellery

Classic and elegant, costume jewellery can add uniqueness and flair to any outfit, smart or casual. Vintage costume jewellery is a statement, and is a way to express your individual style. It is also great to know that you are unlikely to find two identical pieces, so there is not much chance of someone wearing the same as you. Vintage jewellery were made to last, and with one size fits most – makes perfect gifts!

Early costume jewellery is different to its modern counterparts. Although costume jewellery has been mass produced since the early 1920s, generally speaking, the earlier back you go, the better the quality and more interesting the materials. Often you do not find the same materials or quality finishes in more modern mass produced items.

People love collecting costume jewellery and once you start it is hard to change the habit. Often collectors have a favourite designer or maker, or collect a certain period. We sell many different makes and designs in store and on our website, from high-end designers like Chanel; Givenchy and Lea Stein, to the mid-range widely-collectable makers such as Monet; Corocraft; Trifari; and Napier. We also sell unsigned and sometimes more modern makers such as JW and Danecraft (who are well-known for their fun kitsch pieces).

Unmarked or unsigned costume jewellery often comes at an affordable price, whereas more scarce or high-end designer pieces come with a premium price. We enjoy catering for both in store and online.

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Please note that vintage jewellery was produced prior to the introduction of the 2002 law prohibiting the use of nickel or nickel compounds. Customers allergic to these metals may experience skin rashes or irritation where the metal is in contact with the skin.

Additional information

Weight 74 g
Dimensions 23 × 1.4 cm