Kramer Vintage Earrings, Stunning Rhinestones c.1960

Kramer Vintage Earrings stunning rhinestones signed Kramer

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Beautiful pair of Kramer Vintage Earrings, 1960s, excellent condition

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Stunning Kramer Vintage Earrings

An absolutely wonderful pair of Kramer vintage earrings. This lovely pair of clip-on earrings are beautifully crafted from silver, gold-tinted metal. There are five ‘ribbons’ of metal which all connect on top of one another in the centre. On one earring these pieces rotate a little and are held fixed in shape by the others. Each earring has 15 small and one large glass rhinestones – all present and correct. The back has a traditional sprung clip and one clip is signed “Kramer ©” on the back.

This pair of original Kramer vintage earrings date to the 1960s and are in excellent condition; possibly some signs of patination due to age, though is barely noticeable as it is an even spread allover.

Each earring measures 3.2 x 3.2cm.

A little about Kramer…

Kramer (originally Kramer of New York) was a company founded in New York in 1943 by designer Louis Kramer, with his brothers Morris and Henry. The company manufactured both low-end jewellery and high-end jewellery – which they are best known for.

Kramer was a gifted designer who combined unusual techniques and stones to make truly stunning pieces, using sparkling Austrian crystals and high quality rhinestones. Some of the most luxurious and artistic costume jewellery by Kramer contained coloured paved rhinestones, simulated pearls, jade, ruby, lapis lazuli and sapphire stones.

Kramer jewellery had a variety of marks including “Kramer of NY”, “Kramer of NY City”, “Kramer”, “Kramer sterling,” “Kramer of New York, “Kramer of N.Y.” and “Kramer New York”. In 1950 Kramer started making jewellery for Christian Dior. These pieces were signed “Christian Dior by Kramer”  “Kramer for Christian Dior” and “Dior by Kramer”.

In 1963 Kramer produced pieces signed “Amourelle.” The “Amourelle” pieces were made by Frank Hess, who was formerly the head designer at Miram Haskell. “Amourelle” pieces are a very rare Kramer signature and many collectors treasure these pieces.

Kramer produced a more affordable ranges – often identified by paper swing tags – called “The Golden Look”, in which the designs were gold plated, and, “The Diamond Look”, in which the designs were silver plated. This meant that Kramer was able to cater for the surge in popularity of different coloured jewellery of the fashions at the time. Other trademarks owned by the company included, “Perles De Lune”, “Dura-Gold”, and “KJC”.

To this day, they are still known for producing some of the world’s best quality costume jewellery, and high-end Kramer designs are still highly sought after because they feature such beautiful workmanship and classic designs. The company sadly ceased operations in 1980.

Why we love costume jewellery

Classic and elegant, costume jewellery can add uniqueness and flair to any outfit, smart or casual, at an affordable price. Vintage costume jewellery is a statement – and is a great way to express your individual style. It is also great to know that you are unlikely to find two identical, so there is not much chance of someone wearing the same as you.

Early costume jewellery is different to its modern counterparts and although costume jewellery has been mass produced since the early 20s, the earlier back you go, generally, the better the quality and more interesting the materials. You do not find the same robust materials or quality finishes in more modern mass produced items – vintage items were made to last, and with one size fits all – make perfect gifts!

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