Vintage shopping: hints & tips

Vintage shopping made easy

Our vintage shopping and buying guides will help you find your ideal fit, appreciate and care for your cherished vintage items!

[pix_heading_flag]Size Guide[/pix_heading_flag]

Vintage Clothing Size Guide, vintage shopping, buying vintage

Find the perfect fit in your vintage clothing! Our size guide explains how to take your measurements and how we size our items so that you know exactly what to expect when you purchase from us.  

[pix_heading_flag]Condition Guide[/pix_heading_flag]

Condition Guide, vintage shopping, buying vintage

When buying vintage it is essential that you know the condition of the items. Don’t let a little wear and tear here and there get you down. With our vintage condition guide you only get a happy surprise!  

[pix_heading_flag]Vintage Care[/pix_heading_flag]

Fabric care guide, vintage shopping, buying vintage

Be sure to take good care of your vintage fabric with some simple hints and tips from our Vintage Care guide. We have learnt from our own mistakes, may you (and us) never shrink another garment!

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