Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Happy birthday cake and candles

We revisit some of her incredible fashion moments as Lady Gaga turns 33 this month

Words by Emily B

Today (28 March) is the birthday of Lady Gaga and while ‘Mother Monster’ continually dazzles us with her music, acting and activism achievements, today we recount some of her fashion looks.

Just Dance

Lady Gaga’s debut song, which shot to number 1 worldwide, is now 11 years old this month. Drawing influences from artists including Madonna and David Bowie, Gaga’s memorably brought us black glasses and white blonde hair. But this was just the start.

Lady Gaga – Just Dance 2009

Bad Romance

When Bad Romance was released in 2009 it also launched Gaga’s individual fashion style and branding. The video brought us product placement, latex, more sunglasses, those contact lenses, killer heels, dance moves and Haus of Gaga; modelled on Andy Warhol’s Factory.

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance 2009

Nice to meat you

Who can forget the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)? Lady Gaga accepted the Video of the Year award dressed in a meat dress, taking showing a bit of flesh to a new level.

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Among other eccentric looks we remember Gaga’s flower helmet, as part of a Philip Treacy fashion event she was attending in 2012. 

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Shell out performances

The 2013 edition of the MTV VMAs saw Lady Gaga power through outfit changes, which deserved an award it its own right! After her final performance she met One Direction still wearing her shell bra and thong. Awks?

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Classic hits

As well as her statement outfits, Lady Gaga stuns us with her gowns and classic beauty looks. Like here at the Golden Globe Awards wearing a custom-made Atelier Versace gown in 2016.

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Bowled over

The 2017 high energy Super Bowl performance included stunts and an American Football inspired outfit, as part of the widely watched half time show.

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A Star Is Born

Gaga wowed both on screen and off while attending the premiere of A Star Is Born, at Leicester Square, London wearing Alexander McQueen.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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