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New blogs, customer style and a hashtag for you. We Are St Cyr.

picture of Instagram screenshot of girls in St Cyr Vintage sunglasses

Welcome to our new series of blogs! As well as bringing you a selection of topical entries, we will be also asking our uber cool customers to show off their St Cyr style. Follow us on Instagram, and Like us on Facebook, then upload pics of you in your favourite St Cyr items. Tag us and include the #wearestcyr hashtag.

Styling your favourite outfit, or looking fresh in sunnies; what ever it is we want to hear and see our fabulous customers rock our gear. Don’t forget to include the #wearestcyr hashtag for your chance to be featured in one of our monthly #wearestcyr blogs.

Keep checking back for our weekly topical blogs.

Words by Emily B

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